Visit Sri Lanka’s Hill Country

Hill Country

Sri Lanka’s Hill Country boasts some of the most stunning scenery anywhere on the island. With its striking forest-carpeted hills, lush tea plantations and majestic waterfalls, Sri Lanka’s Hill Country is a must visit during your tour!

There are few better ways to take in the amazing scenery of the Hill Country than taking the famous train ride between Nuwara Eliya and Ella. The meandering train trip winds its way through the lush rolling hills of the tea plantations where you’ll see the many Tamil tea pickers out in the fields. The forest covered mountains form the backdrop, punching through the puffy clouds in the sky. Along the journey you’ll see the stunning natural beauty of this part of the island in all its glory, including her spectacular waterfalls.

Catching the train to or from Pattipola is convenient for visiting another gem of Sri Lanka’s Hill Country – the Hortons Plains. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Horton Plains is a superb place to explore on foot, comprising of grasslands, evergreen forests, marshes and intricate natural water systems. The trek around Horton Plains will typically take three to four hours to complete in its entirety and the highlight and draw for most visitors is the world famous “Worlds End” escarpment that falls for nearly one kilometre to the plains below. The panoramic views from Worlds End are truly stunning.

A  visit to a tea plantation is well recommended when in the Hill Country. The Pedro tea estate near to Nuwara Eliya is a popular choice amongst visitors with the 130 year old factory retaining many of its original 19th century machinery which you’ll be shown during your guided tour. Some tea plantations allow you to walk through the estate and even pick your own tea leaves to roast.

There are plenty of majestic waterfalls to enjoy in the Hill Country, one of the most famous being the Ella Gap Waterfall. Blessed with some of the most beautiful views on the island, the waterfall is close to the small town of Ella which many visitors use as a base for trekking expeditions into the surrounding countryside.

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